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A Little About my Practice

There are very few things in life which are 'one-size-fits-all'.  Especially human behavior and the complexities of the mind.  As humans, our life experiences and ways to deal and manage difficulties and conflict are diverse.  I believe in working together to discover what works best for you.

I like to use an integrative/holistic approach where I may take theories and techniques from several streams of counseling. I am a firm believer in Carl Rogers' Person Centered Therapy because of its collaborative, non-hierarchical model, focus in understanding the current subjective rather than an underlying subconscious. Let's look at what's happening today, our thoughts, our triggers, our emotions.  And although sometimes exploring our past experiences may be needed, I focus on how we explore and attach to the now. 

Kijkduin, The Hague, The Netherlands

Primarily, I hope to provide a space where you find support, where you can feel comfortable to be yourself, and free to explore what brought you to my practice searching for support.

I am also bilingual and provide counseling support in English and Spanish. 


B.A. Psychology, 1999 UT RGV (USA)

M.Sc. Health Psychology, 2004 Leiden University (NL)

Counseling Psychology, Stichting Counselling Nederland

Additional Training

Solution Based Counseling Certification

Abnormal Behavior and Clinical Psychology

Addiction Counseling Certificaiton

Grief and Bereavement Certification

Basics of Psychotherapy

ACC Year 1 Coaching and Counseling (NL)

A Little About Me

My journey starts in Mexico, a life of dichotomies and interesting, multi-cultural, ancestral stories. I moved with my parents to the United States at 15.  For love and adventure, I moved to the The Netherlands where I completed my Masters degree. Eventually, my husband and me moved back to the US, where we became parents to two boys (teens today); 17 years later (5.5 years ago), the four of us trailed back to The Hague, NL, where we currently live.

At the age of 8,  while my mom chatted with a friend over coffee, I was told I could go buy a magazine from the newspaper stand around the corner .  What did I get? Not a comic (although I was a fan of Donald Duck and Archie), I got Psychology Today.  I don't remember what the magazine cover had that attracted me to it (maybe I'll look it up one day), but ever since, when people asked what I was going be when I grew up, I would proudly say "Psychologist"!

American Psychologist in The Hague The Netherlands

There isn't a wise nor beautiful story as to why I, eventually, choose to be a therapist, other than I love it.  That 8-year-old probably didn't understand anything she read on that magazine, it could have been coincidence, it could have been that I connected with that moment and the word 'psychology'.

One thing is certain, the privilege of being there for someone when they are at their most vulnerable or searching for support, is one I don't take for granted.  I have been humbled by my own learning while supporting someone's journey and hope to provide the tools for which help others grow and develop.

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