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Getting Support in The Netherlands

As newcomers to a new country where we may not yet speak the language or know the system, it may be a little daunting to seek support when we are struggling with our mental health.  I hope to provide a short summary of how it works (please keep in mind that everyone's case varies depending on their location, insurance coverage, etc.).

If you are currently struggling severely, please call your doctor for immediate help

The first step is to reach out to your general practitioner.  Not all doctors are well-versed in mental health issues, if you feel like your doctor is not receptive, don't hesitate to advocate for yourself and further explain how your current situation is affecting other aspects of your life.  

The professional titles "psychologist" & "therapist" are not protected titles in NL, this means anyone can advertise as such.  Make sure you do proper quality control of who you want to go to.

Your insurance company usually has a network of professionally accredited or recognized practitioners.  They can help alleviate the search.

Make sure you understand which services are covered under your insurance policy, which practitoners are fully covered, which partially, and which are not.

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