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Available Services

Individual Therapy 

These are F2F or Virtual (Skype) sessions

With an integrative and holistic modality of counseling, we explore ways for you to find balance and wellness once again.

Walking Sessions

Individual Therapy 

Walk and talk therapy has proven very beneficial when working through challenging situations.  It is also an excellent alternative to those might find the traditional setting a little unerving. 

 Urgent Calls

These are short calls and dependent on availability

For moments when a client is facing a particularly difficult situation.  I may be able to respond with a call of maximum 20 min.

Workshops or Special Sessions

Individual Therapy 

I enjoy integrating diverse teachings and techniques within my counseling practice.  Occasionally, I offer mindfulness, breathing, and other workshops.

Please call your physician or 112 if you need immediate assistance or are experiencing a life-threatening situation

There are so many reasons for seeking counseling. 

Perhaps you've been wanting to explore what keeps you from thriving and having fulfilling relationships.  Or you realize you've been feeling numb and stopped enjoying your hobbies.  If you've gone through a particularly taxing time or situation at work or in life. Not processing the grief after the loss of a loved one.  Relocation and needing support adapting to a new environment and culture.  Perhaps stuck in a parenting rut or not knowing how to deal with new parenthood.  These are some of the issues I am trained and experienced in. 

Fortunately, we now know more about the benefits of focusing on our mental health!  Going to therapy is less and less viewed as taboo.

The work is challenging at times, change is often uncomfortable, but what lays on the other side is a wonderful path for you to enjoy living in balance and fulfilment.

Dunes in The Hague, The Netherlands

 I celebrate diversity and acceptance.  My space and this office is open and safe to people of all backgrounds, sexual orientation, religion, and ethnicity. If this doesn't resonate with you, please look for a different provider.

Therapy in English in The Hague. Psychologist in The Netherlands. Counseling in The Hague.
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