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Wellness Providers

I truly believe that building a network of practitioners and providers we trust is what makes a community stronger.  It's not competition, it's about knowing when other approaches or techniques are needed and beneficial to a well-rounded approach to healing.

For this reason, I've slowly started collaborating and speaking to other health care providers and decided to build a section where I share their information and links to their website (when available).

Please consider that this comes from my personal opinion and experience, ALWAYS do your research.  It is important to check on your practitioner's qualifications as well as if your insurance will reimburse their services. 

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Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine

Barbara's greatest motivation is to help you find health through Traditional Chinese Medicine and an empathetic and open practice. 

"As I want to contribute to a society in which every neurotype can shine, I counsel those with a neurodivergent diagnosis. I do this as a certified counsellor and experience expert"

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Lucia's caring and instinctual specialty is that of "helping others in their journeys surrounding Sex, Gender, Sexuality, or, more commonly, a mix of them" with a diverse use of counseling methods. 


Joseph Kindred, MS, LMFT, is a US licensed Marriage and Family therapist and sex therapist. He specializes in relationships and intimacy of all kinds. His native language of support is English. He welcomes individuals, couples and relationships to his practice. 

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